A new kind of BBQ

Last week we went to a Japanese restaurant and the line was kinda long. So long that we thought about going to a nearby Korean BBQ we saw as we were walking to the Japanese restaurant. We ended up eating at the Japanese restaurant so I kept the idea for another night out.

This week, before a standup comedy show, we decided to go to that place that aroused our curiosity. We went to Seoul Chako. It’s an all you can eat Korean BBQ. When I saw all you can eat I was really wondering if it was really good food or just a fat, greasy buffet with no taste at all and far away from anything any authentically Korean.

Thanks goodness, I was wrong. I really liked it.

First of all, there were a lot of Koreans in the restaurant, which I liked. The waiters were Koreans also. Ok, I know they can love our “Canadianized” or “Americanized” food too, it doesn’t mean it’s truly, genuinely, 100% authentic. But for me, it’s a little reassuring.

So when you get there, you get seated to a table with the round grill in the middle of the table. Nothing to be worried about, if you don’t handle the BBQ at home, it’s really accessible to everyone.

You have a little bowl of oil with a brush to put on the grill. So basically you decide when you put oil on the grill. It always stays hot.

Then, you have the menu where you have all the things you can order. You have little sheets of paper and pencils to write down what you want to order.


What the waiter told us is to start with small quantities of food to see how much would be served. This way, we would know the amount of food to order the next times. There are appetizers, rice and other sorts of starch, fish and seafood, meat, vegetables, vegetarian options and deserts. They can even get you sauces to dip your cooked ingredients in. You can order stuff as long as you want so don’t worry if you’re still hungry. The only down part is you get charged for everything you spoil and don’t eat so make you’re your eyes aren’t more hungry than your stomach is. So when you get your food, you get them in those little black containers that are stacked on top of each other.

I loved everything I tried, the salmon, the calamari, the vegetables, the beef, the shrimps, the chicken and the 1 sushi I ate. Yes there are sushis too !

There is one thing I read in lots of comments from people who ate there. We had to try the Ox tongue. Yup, my husband felt adventurous so we both tried it. It’s good; it’s close to beef when it comes to taste and look. This is what it looks like raw (sorry I didn’t take a picture cooked, I ate it and forgot to take a picture but really it’s good!).

What I like about that place is the time you spend waiting for the food while it grills. You get to enjoy time; you chat and have a great night. You share the stuff you eat and really I didn’t see the time pass while I was there. You can have a drink also like sake, Asian beers, and other beverages. It was really nice to have that time to cook stuff and eat it slowly. You can even ask them to have a clean grill if yours gets too dirty for your taste. The come and pick it up with a special pair of tongs and give you a hot new one.

The service was nice, they were always on top of things and they were really nice and helpful (since it was our first time!). We ended the night with a little green tea ice cream.

I think I’ll go there again with other people. You can’t have more than 4-6 people at a table but they are rather close that it could work. I could totally see myself with my in-laws or celebrate a birthday there !


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