The date

As I said in my post on wedding tips, here’s my post on how to choose the date !

Now that you are engaged, it’s the time to think about the date for you two lovebirds to get married. And by the way, congratulations!

The one thing everybody will tell you once you get engaged is that you can plan your wedding day as you want, that this is your day and you get to make all the decisions. For some, this is the most liberating thing they’ll hear, for others it’ll be the start of a little (or a lot) of anxiety.  The thing with a wedding is that you (and your fiancé of course!) get to make a lot of decisions. I remember how overwhelmed I was at one point. For me, some details weren’t important but I still had to decide something.  All the little questions such as do we cover the chairs or what type of table are we using, is cake served with the dinner or later in the reception, do we invite that friend of the family, will need answers. And you get to make them 😉

But the first big decision you need to make is: The Date!  Of course, other people will say that the budget is the most important thing, let’s say I had to start somewhere and those 2 things are major. (See how I learned to compromise?) So, the date.

A lot of details are included in the date you choose:

–          It can influence the cost. A wedding during high wedding season can that mean a lot of things can be more expensive. Some venues, some caterers, some hotel rooms for your guests could be more expensive.

–          If you want specific flowers, the date you choose could mean it’s either easy, in season and less expensive or harder to find and more expensive. Usually, if you take flowers that are in season, they tend to be less expensive but of course, every florist can do as he pleases.

–          Some venues might be more difficult to book. Especially if you plan to have your wedding in less than a year or even 6 months but it’s always possible to pull that off also but be prepared to shop around. Some churches can be booked for weddings a lot of time in advance! And this goes for your caterer, dj, florist, cake maker, and photographer. (Yes, this is your day but they might be booked for someone else’s big day!)

–          It can influence who’s coming to your wedding. The date of your wedding can also be when a lot of your family will be on vacations and away from home or more available to come to your wedding or it’s during the school year. I had to take in consideration my dad’s hunting vacation, my mother in-law off weekend since she works every other weekend and we all made it work for the best.

–          The season of your wedding can sometimes mean you can have your wedding outside, in an orchard with apples in the trees, in winter with lots of enchanting snow, in spring with flowers in the trees and so on. Some brides don’t like super-hot days with the amount of makeup and their dress on and some others will love the heat and the sun out until late at night.

–          The food available also can vary depending on your wedding date. Of course if you have chicken or beef it’s always in season. But some types of fish, lobsters, maple syrup, mushrooms, fruits or vegetables and such could be harder to find at certain periods in the year. You can sometimes pay extra to have them but then again, it depends of your budget too. It can also make the dinner interesting and environmental friendly if you plan to have things that are in season. For example a fall menu would be different from something during the summer. Some caterers are even « locavores » meaning they will only cook with ingredients that are 100km or less from their business (if it’s something you care about of course).

–          The delivery of your dress can also be influenced by your date. If the date is in high wedding season and you are only a few months away from it, some shops won’t be able to have certain models of dresses for your day. Most likely they could sell the dresses they have on hand but that can also be impossible for some shops. If you have to have alterations and fittings, the amount of time to do it is important for that shop.

–          The amount of time you have to plan your wedding. I mean the intensity of time each week or month you can spend on your wedding planning. You’ll have meetings to go to, people to see, food to taste, things to try on or even dance lessons you’ll take! Some girls like to have a little to do every week and not feel they need to take all the decisions at the same time. Some others like to be in « wedding planning mood » and get a lot of things done at the same time to not have the impression all their weekends are booked for their planning.

So now that you see how important your date is, you probably think, gosh, I’ll never be able to take all those facts in consideration, it’s impossible! Don’t panic. I would say that there are certain things that are more important than others and you get to decide.

For example, it could be a good thing to make sure that the people that are the most important on your wedding day are available at that time. Like your parents, your maid of honor, bridesmaid, best man, your BFF or anybody that is especially important for you. For some of them, coming to your wedding means a 2-3 day trip or more if you have people coming from outside your country.  So, having a chat with them to see when they could make it is always a good thing. I By doing that, you show those special people in your life that you care about them and want to make time for them to be there also. Think about it, sometimes they will need to pay for transportation, a hotel room, that’s already a lot and they have to have the time off also.

A thing that we did is to take a 3 day weekend on our wedding. It meant for us to have less vacations needed of our workplaces and also that most of our guests weren’t sacrificing all their weekend to attend our wedding. That’s only a suggestion, it worked well for us.

I am a girl that wanted to have time to plan my wedding. Some brides near me were completely the opposite. You know what? It doesn’t matter as long as you do what’s best for you. I planned some of the stuff one year in advance so little by little I did things. I didn’t want to feel like a bridezilla and get on the nerves of everybody so that’s why I preferred to have more time. But as long as you and your husband find it’s the best date, then it’s settled, this day will be forever special for you two.

You have 365 days (or 366 on a leap year) to choose from so, pick the best one for you and your fiancé !


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