Fairy tales

You know what makes me really happy? Spending the day with kids. I don’t know, there’s just something about them that makes your heart melt and that makes you forget why you’re feeling blue.  Recently, I spent the day with the daughter of a friend of mine and she is just adorable. She made me forget how bad I hurt of not having a baby of my own, that’s the magic that works on me every time I’m around kids.

We got her story books. We babysat her (well my husband did and I came home from work too late to spend much time with her before her bedtime) and bumped on something and then she discovered a fairy bauble on the shelf of a library. She gasped and then yelled: “Faaaiiiiiry !!!” So, of course we had to get her Tinkerbell books for the next time we would see her. I was wondering if a little girl that young would like books but my husband was really set on the books so we got her those 4 little books that are in a little case with a handle.

As we got there, she saw the big Tinkerbell bag with papers and ribbons on it. She almost ripped out the stuff in the bag and then she got the books out… She looked at us then at the book, then back at us and didn’t say a word… I was wondering if in her head she was saying like “What a bleh gift you got me…” I was also wondering if she was just shy since we just arrived. Her dad asked her to say thank you and she didn’t say a word. I was like, great… This is great, I want to make her happy and I got her something she hates…

Then we went to eat all together and she was making funny faces and was talking with us. She then pulled my hand and wanted me to go play with her only in her room. I went to her room and she showed me lots of her stuff. She was looking for her baby and I helped her find it with her. Then we went back to the kitchen. She hugged her dog and then something amazing happened.

She pulled the cover of her story books and asked me to read her one. So I took her on my lap and read her the first one. Then she took another one about the fairy of the animals. She was all quiet and was paying attention to all I read and to all I was pointing. The butterflies, the bees, the birds, the fairies on the back on a cat, all that was captivating for her. Then she asked for another book about a guy fairy (yeah got me by surprise too). And then her attention flew away from the books. Maybe the world isn’t ready for a fairy dude or merman hero ? I was happy she loved the books and that she asked me to read them to her.

She went to get her little dollar store wand and played with it and started dancing on the music that was playing in the kitchen. Then she came back to me and pulled the book about the fairy of the animals and asked me to read it again. She was almost telling me the whole story this time, pointing the same things I did the first time I read it to her. And I read that book 3 or 4 times at least that day.

So my fear of being this bad person who gave a bad gift went away. She took my hand again and pulled me to go in her room. And then she took 2 or 3 books and asked me to read them to her. Wow what a cutie pie don’t you think? At least I did.

Soon after, her dad came and told her that she had to nap. She didn’t want to at first (who would want to go to sleep in a middle of a party with friends!) but then she fell asleep since she was just tired of what all of us did with her.

We then left to go shopping for diner and my friend had plans later that day. We didn’t want to wake her up so we all whispered when we left “Bye, it was nice, see you soon” “Yeah, see you soon, thanks for coming”.

And then the most amazing thing happened. I got a phone call from a little fairy. The little girl I spent time with earlier that day called me to say goodbye since she was asleep when we left. She was waving and blowing kisses her mom said. And again, the magic worked on me. Tears rolled on my cheek when I hung up but of course the fairy, her mom and my husband didn’t see them. That phone call really touched me.

In the end, when I think of it, the thing about kids we can’t put a finger on is simple. They are the fairies. Their joy and authentic happiness to hang out with us is the magic that always work on us. And I’m sure if we look closely, we could see fairy dust when they giggle.


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