Salmon Tartar

Salmon Tartar Recipe

This week, I went to see my doctor and he told me I should take better care of my health. Unfortunately, that meant eating less and less fat. My family has a history of either high cholesterol or diabetes type 2 so I knew one day I would hear that kind of news. I love food, cooking, trying new things but lots of the things we love are either fat, salty or really sweet. I was told to go low on sugar of any kind (even fruits, I need to eat 2-3 portions of fruits maximum a day), no white pasta, white bread, white rice, white potatoes and the least amount of fat possibile in what I eat. In a way, for me it will be a good things because since I have had my gulbladder removed, there is a lot of things I need to watch out because I don’t digest them well. I haven’t really listened to my body because my tastes buds took over my decisions making when it came to eat. If you’re starting to wonder if I’m in a bad health or going to die, don’t be afraid, it’s actually to prevent  bigger health problems that I had to do all those things.

One thing I really like, and if you know me it’s obvious, is sushi. But what does sushi contains ? Bingo : White rice ! So for now, I have to avoid it. I don’t know if I will ever be able to make sushis with brown rice but for now I’m not willing to try. I decided to eat all the things there are in sushis but without the rice. Sure I could have gone to make Temakis, the little coned shaped sushi kind and put just little rice or not at all but I felt like being creative. I decided to do a tartare instead.

I like putting tartars in my sushis so why not eat it alone with a nice Kavli crispy thins. Those a really good and a healthy choice if you look at the amount of fiber, the amount of salt and sugar. So since I was near my friend’s place and didn’t fee like going to my usual place, I went to their nearest market and I’m glad I did. I went to the fish market and looked for Blue marlin. Why Blue Marling will you ask me ? Because it’s sustainabl and a good way to avoid tuna which is really over fished all around the world. Yeah so that makes me a Healthy, low-fat, low sugar, sustainable ingredient cook 🙂 So since they didn’t have it there, I bought Salmon. I was asking the fisherman for the fat part since in my mind it was the best part, lots of omega 3s in there and apparently I was wrong. The part near the tail in a salmon is the best one but few people know that. It’s less fat and has more ” meat ” in it since it’s the part the fish moves the most in his life. The head or back part isn’t really moving so it’s fatter. It doesn’t mean it isn’t good, it just means that for a tartar or sushis, the part near the tail is the best one (easily recognizable it’s thiner and has a triangle shape). So that’s what I took and it was really tasty I might say.

So, how do we do the recipe ? Here it is.

Salmon Tartar recipe :

Ingredients :

– Salmon (the amount you need depends on how many people will eat it ! Ask your fish market seller for the amount!)

– Green onions (shallots, chives could work as well)

– 3 tablespoon of Japanese Mayonaise (if you don’t have any, use real mayo, no miracle whip!)

– 2 teaspoons of Plain yogourt

– a few drops of lemon juice (or even lemon zest would work)

– 1/2 teaspoon of Chili crushed sauce (like Sriracha or even tabasco would work)

– 2 teaspoon (or more if you want) of Panko (of if you have tempura you made yourself or even crushed crackers would work)

– 2 Kavli thin crispy (you could use any crackers, plain nachos you have on hand, or even phyllo dough little basket you could have made yourselves)

  1. Cut the salmon in tiny pieces and put in a mixing bowl
  2. Cut the green oinions and put with the salmon
  3. Make the sauce with all the reste of the ingredients in a separate bowl
  4. Mix in the sauce with the salmon and the green onions and at the end put the panko
  5. Serve on the crackers and eat !

Basically you can twist and turn this recipe all you want, you could, instead of the mayo, put maple syrup and lemon zest, put capers, onions and oil. Making a tartar is really easy, you just need to think of what you have on hand 🙂 And there’s many ways to serve it. You can put it in a plate with a round cookie cutter, put it on crackers, nachos or make a little cone with seaweed, julienned cucumber and a slice of avocado too ! You could use dill, creme fraiche also as a sauce. Use your fresh herbs, put hot peppers, use croutons instead of panko. The fun about this also is that, it’s really not long to put together. Really there is zillions of ways to make a good tartar and it’s a healthy way to replace my craving for a sushi since I didn’t have the rice at all 🙂 I had a nice green salad with home made dressing and it was a rewarding dinner 🙂
Bon appetit !


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