Living next to water (ocean, river, lakes) has its ups and downs. The view is always nice no matter the weather. But when the weather gets bad, it’s really bad. Today, we are suppose to get a super bad storm here. And I thought, hmm what career is associated with a storm? And that gave me an idea on a post that would talk about a career.

* I will use the male gender to simplify the text but not by any means do I mean only guys can do that job.*

There’s always someone predicting the storm, that person’s called a meteorologist. He studied science in university but particularly meteorology or environmental sciences (bachelor, masters or Ph.D, depending on the job). He was probably very good in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, computer sciences and spent his fair share of time stuck to a window watching the storms dirtying the patio doors. Even though meteorologist is a career, there are different choices offered to people in this field:

  • Forecast meteorologist
  • Hydrometeorologist
  • Applied meteorologist
  • Atmospheric meteorologist, etc.

The work of all those people is included when we get our forecast about the storm. People make studies about the streams, the wind, the tides, the temperature, the patterns of all those, the impacts on weather, the changes and so on.

Some people work for TV Stations, for research labs, for the government, for the army, airport companies, coastal guards, universities because that career uses a lot of complicated equipments that an individual just could not afford : satellites, radar, maps, thermometers, barometers, radios, rain gauge, weather balloons, computers, digital models (ex : digital atmospheric modeling).

They love numbers, asking themselves questions and trying to find the answers, so they are the curious type. Our little guy with rubber boots in a puddle here wondering where rain comes from probably has the roots of a meteorologist. They also love tools, to build stuff, and they like when their results are visible. A storm like we are having tonight is very real and visible whereas the change in someone who started therapy can take longer to see…

They are tenacious, organized, meticulous, they have the ability to synthesize, they have a critical mind, they are observant and they have a facility for communicating. Otherwise, how would we get our forecasts and news about the weather?  If they were awkward on TV, or believed a photoshopped picture of a storm on the Internet was real, or told us about all the little technical details we would end up thinking; “What weather are we supposed to get tomorrow?”

So to all the meteorologists out there, thanks to you we know when to stay inside and find better ways to occupy ourselves than playing outside in the park when a storm’s coming. Blogging for example !

For more information, here is a website that could give you an idea of the work field of weather. Happy Frankenstorm !

And now let’s end on a picture of some weather we prefer until Frankenstein is over 🙂


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