The first post…

Hi Everybody,

I guess if you’re reading this, you’re interested in knowing a little more about me. First of all, thanks for reading my first blog and I hope I’ll be able to captivate you in staying and interacting with me 🙂 You probably want to know why I started a blog. Well, I always liked when a blogger and its readers had interactions. I always liked writing and I guess knowing how people live and what they go through is a passion to me. Here are 10 things that describe me the most  :

  1. I love food. Learning techniques, trying new recipes, tasting new flavors, trying to make it look as pretty as the chefs do in cooking shows (quite not there yet), getting information about what’s healthy or not (and loosing my mind trying to make a logic out of all that!). I am not an experienced trained chef at all. I am someone interested in food and cooking just like everybody. I watch TV shows and cooking networks, listen to what people are cooking at lunch time at work, read magazines or websites about it. I try to find time to cook and make lunches for work out of real food, not frozen stuff, every time I can.
  2. My first language isn’t English, it’s French. I work, read, dream in both languages now. I have been lucky enough to live in an environment that taught me both languages so that I can write in English today. I hope I’ll always write in a comprehensive way but please correct me if I’m wrong 🙂
  3. I am a professional guidance counselor. Though that career is very different in various countries, my goal is to help people decide what they want to do with their lives professionally and we try to find the path to get there together. This is very rewarding to me even though lots of people have nightmares stories about a guidance counselor they saw in the past. I like listening to what people think, how they got to where they are today and what motivates them. Of course, I am not going to discuss client’s cases or anything but I might from time to time talk about the issues I see or careers people often don’t know about.
  4. I love weddings 🙂 I got married last year and I have basically organized it all by myself with the help of my husband, friends and family. No wedding planners 🙂 I know now the value of those professionals but I learned a lot about event organizing so from time to time, I might give you guys some tips or stories since I think my wedding was as perfect for me as I’d dream it would be.
  5. I don’t have kids but I’d like to have some. Unfortunately it’s not as easy as it may be for some women and I am part of them. For all of those trying and not getting pregnant, I truly understand what you’re going through. It’s a situation we often live in silence.
  6. I am curious about everything but especially about other cultures. At work we have a team of colleagues that are from all kinds of countries, all continents in fact, except Australia. I have colleagues from : Brazil, Hong Kong, Congo, Morocco, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Senegal, France, Ivory Coast, Chad, Rwanda, Haiti, Algeria, Romania, and Russia. I have always loved learning new languages, cultures, eating traditions and I can say that I am blessed with that at work. I realize now that I was always fascinated or curious to learn something new about all kinds of people I met.
  7. I am a pinterest addict 🙂 If you want to follow me there, here’s the address : For those of you who do not know what pinterest is, here is my view on that website. It might sound silly but it’s a website for organizing your favorites websites but with much more to offer than that. For example, you’re browsing on the Internet and you find a nice recipe you want to try but you don’t want to do it right away. To make sure you keep it, you can “pin it ” and put it on a board to get to it later. You choose a picture on the website of that recipe you want to remember the recipe by and bam ! you add it to your board. Then the day you want to cook that nice new recipe, you go back to your pinterest board and you can access it easily. You can follow people and they can give you ideas. You can have boards on all kinds of stuff, planning weddings, movie stars, blogs you like, crafts, hairstyles, recipes you want to do, pictures, places you want to visit and so on. There is as many board possibilities as there are ideas you can have to organize stuff. It’s free and really fun 🙂
  8.  Music is something I just love. So from time to time, I might post some videos of songs I like. My tastes are pretty eclectic so don’t worry if you find some of them weird 🙂 I’d like to introduce you to some music in different languages as I believe music is universal 🙂
  9. I would like this blog to be a place you can have a laugh, some tears, a little inspiration and questions emerging after reading. I would also like this blog to be a place we can interact and exchange ideas or views in a respectful way. I don’t have all the answers and I’m not someone that wants to teach other people what to do. I might have a funny way to write about my everyday life but it’s as normal as all of yours are 🙂
  10. After reading all of this, you probably realized, I am a chatterbox. For as long as I can remember, my dad used to introduce me to new people as the oldest, the one that talks all the time. So I guess a blog is the new way for a chatterbox to express herself.

You’re still here ?:) Well, that was me. Welcome, my name is Jinny, and I’m a chatterbox. Oh, and I’d loooove to hear from you.


2 thoughts on “The first post…

  1. Very good first post – I find it very difficult to write about myself. That’s why my section “About” is still empty on my blog. Good luck and I hope you will visit my blog sometime 🙂

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